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Abu Dhabi city municipality calls for removal of satellite dishes from rooftops, terraces

The move is reportedly part of the municipality's strategy for maintaining the cleanliness of the city, among other factors.

The Abu Dhabi city municipality has called upon landlords, tenants and occupants of residential buildings, villas, apartments and commercial premises to remove the satellite television dishes along with cable extensions; which are reportedly mushrooming in a haphazard manner on the walls, rooftops and balconies of these buildings.

The move is reportedly part of the municipality’s strategy for maintaining the cleanliness of the city, improving the overall appearance of the metropolis, enhancing the security and safety aspects, curbing the environmental pollution, promoting environmental awareness of community members, and mustering the efforts of individuals in protecting and safeguarding the environment against all forms of pollution and distortion.

The municipality notified property owners not to allow the installation of more than four satellite dishes on the rooftops of their buildings; which have to be positioned at a distance from the edges of walls in a way that will not disfigure the general appearance. It also cautioned them against installing these dishes at balconies of residential flats and villas.

The municipality urged residents to cooperate and support its efforts in uprooting the practices undermining their safety and security, and stressed the need of curbing all disfiguring elements and offences undermining the distinctive appearance of Abu Dhabi City by removing them, reporting offences against violators, intensifying the community’s participation, and heightening the awareness of residents of the risks posed by these phenomena to their security and safety.

Meanwhile, the municipality has called upon firms and shops engaged in the installations and maintenance of satellite dishes along with the associated wiring to conform to the best international practices and adopt the public safety stipulations. It also made it clear that maintaining the health and safety of Abu Dhabi city residents is a strategic objective, and the municipality will not tolerate the existence of a potential threat to the health and safety of occupants and tenants as well as property management staff and passers-by.

The disorderly installation of satellite dishes and cables reportedly triggers the accumulation of dirt and turns them into hotbeds for the breeding of insects and rodents, besides damaging the waterproofing of the roofs in case the dish is fixed directly on the floor surface; which results in the leaking of the washing and rainwater into the highest floor, impacts the building structures, and hinders rescue operations in emergency cases.