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Aljazeera launches ‘safe frequencies’ campaign

Aljazeera has announced four new and what the company claims, highly secured frequencies on Nilesat and Arabsat.

To counter the reported attempts to interfere with its broadcast signal, Aljazeera has launched a major campaign to ask its viewers to switch to new, safe, frequencies, as reported by The Peninsula.

Aljazeera has announced four new and what the company claims, highly secured frequencies on Nilesat and Arabsat. 11636 vertical on Nilesat for the Gulf states, Levantine countries, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Djibouti, and the Sudan. The frequency at 10992 vertical on Nilesat for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Mauritania. As for the viewers in Libya, 10922 vertical has been designated, and the other regions around the Arab countries can tune to 13344 on Arabsat.

The Network will re-launch a website that contains all the relevant information about the new frequencies. The audience can also subscribe to receive updates in their email inboxes via registration at

“These new frequencies are extremely secure. It is a duty of Aljazeera toward its audience who persistently kept searching for its signal whenever interference occurred,” an official at Aljazeera said.

“Aljazeera has been faced, since it was launched 16 years ago, by endless attempts to defame its credibility by many parties whose actions have been exposed by Al Jazeera, due to our transparent coverage and provision of a platform for free voices. These vicious attempts have developed over time to target Al Jazeera’s technical operations since we started witnessing hijacking of our signal two years ago,” the official explained.