ASBU, Eutelsat partner for exchange gateway between MENA, Europe

EUTELSAT 21B capacity to be used for exchanges between member broadcasters in Morocco, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan, Mauritania and Mediterranean

The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) has concluded a multi-year contract for Ku-band capacity on the EUTELSAT 21B satellite that provides reach of the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

The capacity will be used for broadcast content exchanges between ASBU member broadcasters in a region extending from Morocco to Bahrain and from the Mediterranean to Yemen, Sudan and Mauritania, and also extending their footprint to Europe. Uplinks will typically be carried out using cost-effective antennae based on a transmission plan enabling three standard digital (SD) carriers to be transmitted in DVB S2 or one HD and two SD carriers.

Established in 1969, ASBU is one of the most recognised Arab institutions with over 30 active broadcaster members and 25 associate members. It provides a key platform for radio and TV exchanges of news, programming and sports across the Arab world and is also actively supporting the industry-wide Carrier ID initiative to mitigate signal interference.

“EUTELSAT 21B, with its best coverage both in elevation and performance, provides ASBU as a gateway between North Africa, Middle East and Europe to our programme exchange centre in Algiers for distribution,” says Salaheddine Maaoui, Director General of ASBU.

Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet, Eutelsat’s COO, adds: “The scale and diversity of our in-orbit resources enables us to align capacity and coverage to the precise requirements of customers. We are honoured to strike this new relationship with ASBU and that EUTELSAT 21B matches their expectations to provide the highest signal quality to their members for immediate coverage of events.”