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ASC Signal completes first phase of Horizon Teleports installation

Company receives additional order for 9-metre class antenna to expand facility

ASC Signal Corporation was awarded a contract from Horizon Teleports, Germany for an additional 9-metre class antenna to expand operations at its new teleport in Munich, Germany. The award follows the installation of seven multi-beam 7.6-metre and 9.4-metre antennae from ASC, with which the company launched service. The antenna installation continues Horizon’s expansion of fixed and agile antennae for delivery of video, voice and data throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions.

All eight antennae incorporate ASC’s next-generation control system, equipped with an integrated spectrum analyser, as well as the company’s latest redundancy control systems.

“We congratulate Horizon on expanding its teleport so soon after the start of service. The company serves one of the fastest-growing regions in the world and delivers mission-critical, high-demand services. We are proud to have the company trust ASC Signal technology to maintain its competitive edge,” says Keith Buckley, President and CEO of ASC Signal.