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ASC Signal: Showcasing Ka-band technology

One of the earliest developers of Ka-band antenna technology, Canada-based ASC Signal demonstrated its patented sub-reflector tracking technology, among other solutions, at CABSAT 2012.
Keith Buckley, president and CEO, at Whitby, Ontario

One of the earliest developers of Ka-band antenna technology, Canada-based ASC Signal demonstrated its patented sub-reflector tracking technology, among other solutions at CABSAT 2012. Supported by four decades of engineering heritage, ASC Signal is a manufacturer of satellite earth stations, radar and HF antenna systems.

Keith Buckley, president and CEO, ASC Signal, says the Canada-based manufacturer of satellite earth station, radar and HF antenna systems planned, at CABSAT, to “meet with customers in the MENA region and work to better understand the needs of users in this region. For the Middle East and Africa markets, ASC Signal is tracking all of the movements and sees them as potential opportunities for growth.”

He added, “One of the company’s key focus areas is supporting emerging Ka-band systems, a market segment where we have an outstanding track record (mainly in other regions) based on our unique patented sub-reflector tracking (SRT) technology. Our SRT technology has been proven to give superior performance in challenging climatic conditions, for example, from the IP Star network in the humid heat and typhoon conditions of South East Asia, to the Wildblue network with its extremes of hot and cold temperature in continental North America.”

At CABSAT, the company showcased its patented sub-reflector tracking technology that , the manufacturer claims, provides an efficient and economical method of tracking, including a high degree of accuracy when compared to more traditional tracking techniques.  In addition, this tracking technology compensates very effectively for the effects of thermal distortion on the main antenna reflector caused mainly by the sun.  Both of these technical advances are considered critical at the Ka-band frequency where the width of the signal beam is extremely narrow. This advanced sub-reflector technology has proven effective in gateway antennas deployed by the world’s leading broadcast and VSAT operators in diverse regions including those with extreme climatic conditions.

In addition to the rapidly expanding Ka-band segment, the company also provides many different models of X-band gateways, and is regularly developing new antenna and feed systems for both commercial and military customers in existing and newly expanding frequency bands.  Building on a very strong commercial design and manufacturing history, ASC has been capitalising on the defense industry’s expanding requirements for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products.  The company has focused heavily on working with many of the largest prime contractors and systems integrators in the world to meet the growing needs for COTS antenna systems.