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Astrium Services partners with Intelsat to expand maritime VSAT services

Astrium Services will leverage capacity on the Intelsat 22 satellite to enhance coverage for its maritime VSAT services, such as WaveCall and Pharostar.

Astrium Services Business Communications, the newly established business division of Astrium Services, has expanded its capacity on Intelsat’s Ku-band mobility infrastructure.

Maritime service providers and customers of Astrium Services will reportedly benefit from the new network enhancements on the Intelsat 22 satellite. Astrium Services will leverage capacity on the Intelsat 22 satellite to enhance coverage for its maritime VSAT services, such as WaveCall and Pharostar, in the  Indian Ocean. Astrium Services will also utilise the Intelsat 21 satellite, which is designed to provide Ku-band coverage in the southern Atlantic Ocean, expanding the maritime VSAT service capacity in regions requiring more coverage.

The capacity on Intelsat 21 and Intelsat 22 will be accessed via the IntelsatOne Network Broadband product, which is built on a global network of VSAT service platforms and teleports integrated with an IP/MPLS backbone.  The integration with Astrium Services’ proprietary global teleport network ensures, the company claims, a seamless service. The new capacity complements available throughput on the Intelsat C- and Ku-band infrastructure that is enabling connectivity for VSAT customers currently.

WaveCall and Pharostar support the use of smaller antennas with straightforward installation and flexible packages to suit different connectivity requirements. Astrium Services is reportedly testing its newest commercial VSAT offering with customers of high data allowances with speeds up to 1.5 Mbps. Service providers and customers benefit, the company claims, from low-cost, high-performing broadband communications with global coverage.

“Intelsat provides the robust and reliable satellite infrastructure for our mobile VSAT partners and customers around the world, and this expanded commitment is part of our strategy to offer premier coverage and performance to maritime users,” said Tore Morten Olsen, newly appointed maritime director of Astrium Services Business Communications. “Our services are constantly evolving so that we can continue to provide exceptional quality, value and choice.”

“Today’s maritime, land and aeronautical communications service providers are experiencing growth that requires scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions,” said Jay Yass, Intelsat’s vice president of global accounts and strategic sales. “Astrium Services is leading the way by offering innovative, always-on maritime VSAT solutions that provide true broadband and global connectivity.”

Intelsat’s Ku-band global mobility network, which is scheduled for completion in early 2013, will consist of 10 beams on seven satellites.