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Battlefield communications satellite terminal at 12.5kgs from Vislink

At 12.5kg (27.5 lbs) MSAT is designed, the company claims, for one-man operation in operational environments.

Vislink International has announced the immediate availability of the military spec. Mantis MSAT, reportedly the world’s smallest and lightest satellite data terminal.

At 12.5kg (27.5 lbs) MSAT is designed, the company claims, for one-man operation in operational environments. It is a rugged terminal, reportedly resistant to extreme environmental conditions, that is deployed from a single lightweight backpack. Initial military orders are now being filled, according to the manufacturer and MSAT terminals are currently undergoing field trials for battlefield, command centre and special operations implementations.

Stephen Rudd, chief executive of Vislink International, said, “MSAT meets the exacting, high-bandwidth, connectivity requirements now demanded by forces around the world to address an increasingly difficult operating environment. It is an extremely complex sector but we have not only met the core need – we have created a rugged, highly reliable and lightweight package that can be deployed anywhere in the world. At only 27.5 lbs (12.5kg) it is the lightest satellite data terminal on the market and compliments a range of manned and unmanned solutions Vislink already provides for land, sea and air based communications and surveillance.”

Vislink developed the military spec. MSAT to address demand, the official release states, from forces around the world that require a solution capable of delivering high bandwidth voice and data communications. Providing up to 5Mbps upstream data throughput, MSAT can reportedly be used to deliver high definition video intelligence in addition to standard voice and data requirements. Even in the most hostile operating environments, the terminal, the company claims can be unpacked and operational within five minutes.

A parabolic antenna is coupled, according to customer requirements, with interchangeable modem and encoder options. The terminal is reportedly available to operate in X, Ka and Ku bands.