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David Kagan to return to Globalstar as President and COO

Kagan will be responsible for all functions in support of Globalstar's core satellite revenue growth and will report to Jay Monroe, Chairman and CEO

Globalstar has announced that David Kagan is returning to the Company as President and COO effective December 6, 2017. Kagan will be responsible for all functions in support of Globalstar’s core satellite revenue growth and will report to Jay Monroe, Chairman and CEO. Business units reporting to Kagan include business development, worldwide sales and marketing, satellite and ground operations and engineering, product development, software development, information technology, administration and customer relations.

Kagan returns to Globalstar with over 20 years of leadership experience in the international satellite industry.

Immediately prior to re-joining Globalstar he was the COO of SpeedCast International Limited, previously served as President of ITC Global, a global VSAT satellite services provider and served as President and CEO of Globe Wireless, increasing EBITDA over three-fold. For 12 years before joining Globe Wireless, Kagan held several senior positions, including serving as President and CEO at MTN, an international satellite services provider to the cruise, yachting and maritime markets.

In addition to leadership and board positions across the satellite industry, Kagan has unique global experience in satellite service distribution models in addition to a focus on continual operational improvement initiatives, all aimed at facilitating increased revenue and EBITDA. Kagan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Marketing from the University of South Florida and a Master of Business Administration degree from Florida Atlantic University.

“Dave’s return to Globalstar is a welcome development for all of our employees, the Board of Directors and our shareholders,” stated Monroe. “While with us previously, he set the stage for substantial growth in profitability much of which has taken place in the roughly nine months he was gone. Dave stayed actively engaged with us under his consulting and advisory agreement and I have no doubt that growth will continue under his watch. He brings a combination of energy, industry experience and operational expertise that I view as unmatched. In addition, his return will allow me to focus an increased amount of my time on other strategic opportunities for the Company.”

Kagan commented, “I am eager to get back to work with the management team at Globalstar. The Company has been preforming well and I look forward to expanding into additional areas of profitable growth with this team. Globalstar has all of the elements in place and a solid platform to build new initiatives across its worldwide footprint and I’m enthusiastic to get back and deliver.”