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EIAST announces winners of Entaliq Scholarship

Programme aims to raise next generation of Emiratis to sustain independent scientific advancementsrn

The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST), part of a strategic initiative to inspire scientific innovation and technological advancement in the UAE, has announced the winners of the Entaliq Scholarship. The scholarship aims to support talented high school and university students from various engineering disciplines.

University students Marwan Al Sharid and Ahmad Al Nuaimi both received the Entaliq 2013 scholarship in line with efforts to increase the number of EIAST engineers working in the field of satellite manufacturing. There are currently 45 UAE experts working on the DubaiSat-3 Satellite project on the ground, with satellite segments to be developed on UAE soil exclusively by Emiratis.

Yousuf Al Shaibani, Director General of EIAST, says: “Investment into the UAE’s human capital is part of EIAST’s three-pronged strategy for advancing knowledge, infrastructure and manufacturing facilities in order to develop advanced satellite systems through the skills of UAE nationals. This is vital to advancing the UAE’s march towards excellence and becoming a regional hub and pioneer in global space technology. The Entaliq Scholarship focuses on promoting scientific and academic excellence in the field of space sciences and relevant engineering disciplines which have become the backbone of sustainable development.”

Mona Al Qemzi, Assistant Director General for Financial and Administrative Affairs at EIAST, adds: “Through our scholarships, we aim to nurture a new generation of young UAE nationals, who are able to keep pace with rapid developments in advanced technology. We shall provide a solid foundation for the transfer of knowledge and the promotion of a culture of scientific research and technological innovation in Dubai in line with the goals of UAE’s 2021 Vision, which aspires to a knowledge-based economy.

“We are confident that the winners of this year’s scholarship will represent important additions to our team. We already have a dedicated group of engineers, experts and technicians involved in developing the DubaiSat-3 satellite as part of a new direction towards promoting overall development in light of the directives of our wise leadership.

The Entaliq Scholarship programme aims to support eligible students in pursuing higher education, accelerate the process of recruiting engineers according to the highest standards of academic excellence and technical development, and address projected vacancies of select departments at EIAST. EIAST provides both financial and moral support to winners of the scholarship. Preference is given to computer, electrical, electronics, software, chemical, mechanical and telecommunications engineering as well as physics, optics and aerospace. These disciplines are highly relevant to EIAST’s current and future needs.