EMC enhances technology, infrastructure for VSAT mobility services

Trains in Africa, Europe to offer uninterrupted connectivity, heightened safety

Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) has enhanced its technology and infrastructure to deliver VSAT mobility services, currently active on trains across Africa and Europe. The services use EMC-owned SatLink VSAT technology and include enhanced mobility features for land, sea and aerospace deployments.

The upgrade uses high-performance, low profile mobile satellite antennae and SatLink mobile VSATs to enable broadband connectivity and a way to constantly monitor GPS location data for enhanced safety. The antennae automatically stay locked to the satellite beam to provide uninterrupted service.

“We are excited to have such robust mobility services available, which have proven excellent on board these trains,” says Payam Herischi, EMC’s President of Network Systems and CCO.

“Our technology not only enhances safety and improves monitoring and oversight, it also enables excellent, profitable services for passengers, including broadband internet, voice services and content distribution.”

Working with the corresponding features in SatLink Hubs, the VSATs allow for mobility at speeds up to 350km/h and in constant motion in all directions. With this new technology, passengers will be able to access broadband IP connectivity for public internet access and VPNs, VoIP, content distribution and digital signage.