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Eutelsat at CabSat: New space for broadcast and broadband

Eutelsat 70B and 21B, Eutelsat's two new satellites will be highlighted in Dubai. Both are designed to provide ISPs, telecom and GSM operators, video companies and government service providers with regional coverage and connectivity.

With two thirds of its 30 satellites located between 8° West and 36° East, Eutelsat will showcase its newest resources and solutions to support customers, broadcasters, service providers, telecom operators and government agencies as they grow their business across the region.

The 7/8 West video neighbourhood breaks the barrier of 1,000 channels. 50 in HDTV

The 7°/8° West neighbourhood, reportedly serving major broadcasters, has crossed the milestone of 1,000 channels. Over 50 TV channels are already in High Definition. Eutelsat will redeploy an existing Ku-band satellite to 8° West by end 2013. This will expand resources, the company claims, in advance of the launch by end 2015 of Eutelsat 8 West B. Over 100 of the 1,100 channels broadcasting from the Hot Bird satellites are reportedly in Arabic.

20 satellites in operation over MEA 

With 20 of its satellites connecting the Middle East and North Africa to the rest of the world, this portfolio of resources includes, the company claims, C-band capacity connected to powerful continental footprints, and Ku-band capacity connected to high-power regional spotbeams optimised for broadcasting as well as for intercontinental connectivity. In the emerging Ka-band market, Ka-Sat, designed for broadband services, offers coverage over North Africa and the Emirates.

Eutelsat 70B and 21B, Eutelsat’s two new satellites will be highlighted in Dubai. Both are designed to provide ISPs, telecom and GSM operators, video companies and government service providers with regional coverage and connectivity between the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and as far as Australia.


  • Equipped with 40 transponders, Eutelsat 21B has reportedly increased resources at the established 21° East position by 30% and opened a new service area over North-West Africa combined with interconnectivity with Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.
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  • Eutelsat 70B has been reportedly designed to optimise resources from a single orbital slot at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Four regional beams connected to 48 Ku-band transponders are located on a single platform, allowing customers, the company claims, to benefit from regional coverage or to interconnect continents. Eutelsat 70B has reportedly more than doubled capacity at 70.5° East for data and government services, broadband access, GSM backhauling and professional video exchanges.

Four out of seven Eutelsat satellites to launch over the next three years to boost resources for MENA

seven of new Eutelsat satellites will take resources for the Middle East and Africa to a new level. This includes in particular the Eutelsat 3B satellite, to be launched in early 2014, which will reportedly enhance coverage over MENA for data and professional video services in the Ku-band as well as bring C-band capacity with reach over Europe, MENA, AfrWithin the next three years, four out of ica and most of South America.

KA-SAT to unlock new potential for enterprises and the aeronautical market

At CABSAT Dubai, Eutelsat will showcase the potential of this all Ka-band platform with new products for professional markets.

This will include a new aeronautical mobile service called Eutelsat Air Access, designed to accelerate the deployment of passenger in-flight connectivity by commercial airlines operating within the coverage of Ka-Sat, with speeds reportedly up to 100 Mbps per airline. Eutelsat will also present a new IP VPN access, back-up and off-load security-enhanced solution, developed with OneAccess to deliver high-speed satellite connectivity to businesses with up to 20 Mbps downlink and 6 Mbps uplink.

Visit Eutelsat at Hall 1 – stand E1-10