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Eutelsat launches CIRRUS to bring satellite and IP ecosystems closer

New service will provide broadcasters with a turnkey content delivery solution via both satellite and OTT. The service will be powered by Nagra's OpenTV signature Edition solution.

Eutelsat Communications is launching Eutelsat CIRRUS, a hybrid satellite-OTT delivery solution, enabling broadcasters to offer a flexible, seamless content experience across multiple screens.
Eutelsat CIRRUS will provide a turnkey content delivery solution via satellite and OTT to operators seek-ing to launch or upgrade their service, offering the benefits of rapidly deployed video services, low op-erational costs, high image quality and consistent end-user experience. Through its dual offer of turnkey DTH services and OTT multiscreen delivery, this new service represents a further step for Eutelsat in the integration of satellite into the IP ecosystem.

Eutelsat CIRRUS’ turnkey DTH service will provide satellite TV broadcasters with end-to-end video distri-bution combined with cloud-based service management. Bringing together the strengths of traditional DTH with next-generation features, the fully integrated platform will deliver an enriched viewer experience through live channel broadcasting, channel numbering, programme information, content security, sub-scriber and set-top box management.

A multi-screen offering will complement the traditional DTH broadcast service with simultaneous OTT streaming through a native hybrid platform. It will enable end-users to watch video content on devices such as mobile phones and tablets, access multiple programmes, record and rewind, and view a rich array of programme information, while providing business rules management and usage reporting for Eutelsat’s broadcast customers.

Speaking about the new launch, Gerry O’Sullivan, Executive Vice President, Global TV and Video of Eu-telsat said: “Eutelsat CIRRUS reinforces our value proposition in the video segment, which is at the core of our business. It will offer our customers the best of both worlds, combining the efficiency and reach of sat-ellite with the convenience of OTT. This new hybrid solution is designed to facilitate the building of a con-tent distribution business. It will free up broadcasters to focus on content and subscribers while Eutelsat takes care of the end-to-end logistics, accompanying them in maintaining their competitive edge in an in-creasingly complex environment.

Rodolphe Belmer, CEO of Eutelsat, added: “The launch of Eutelsat CIRRUS sits firmly within our broader strategy to reinforce and develop our core video vertical. By leveraging new technologies to deliver appro-priate solutions to the evolving needs of our broadcast partners, we seek to reinforce customer proximity and loyalty and develop new growth opportunities for our group.”

In a related announcement, NAGRA, a Kudelski Group company and content protection provider, commented that its new OpenTV Signature Edition user experience will power Eutelsat’s CIRRUS offering. The announcement also marks the first deployment of an integrated OpenTV Signature Edition. Leveraging NAGRA’s OTT platform, the solution was customised for Eutelsat to meet the needs of the hybrid satellite/OTT Eutelsat CIRRUS offering. CIRRUS is available “as a service” to Eutelsat TV broadband customers.

“Eutelsat selected NAGRA as it was clear that their OpenTV Signature Edition solution, would meet the Eutelsat customers’ requirements – a sophisticated service with advanced features that can continuously evolve to meet the needs of their viewers. We look forward to rolling out the service and working with NAGRA in the months ahead to develop new features and enrich our product portfolio,” said Bruno Cattan, Director for Terminals and Solutions at Eutelsat.

“We’re delighted to be selected by Eutelsat to power the new Eutelsat CIRRUS platform through our OpenTV Signature Edition product,” said Holger Ippach, SVP, UEX Product Unit, NAGRA.

“In selecting NAGRA, Eutelsat has a strong and committed long-term technology partner for a solution that was designed to scale across multiple tenants in different geographies. We applaud Eutelsat on this exciting launch and are committed to supporting them as they extend the Eutelsat CIRRUS service to their customers during this next development phase of their business.”

Eutelsat CIRRUS powered by NAGRA OpenTV Signature Edition will be on display on the Eutelsat Stand 1.D59 and NAGRA Stand 1.C81 at the IBC Show in Amsterdam, from September 14 to 18, 2018.