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FIFA World Cup to fuel maritime data demand

Crew at sea will want to watch the games, contact family during tournament: IDT

With the world’s eye drawn to Brazil for this summer’s FIFA World Cup, Jonathan Nierenberg, IDT’s Senior Vice-President of Business Development, says value-added services must be delivered to the maritime sector to secure potential revenues and to enable customers to fully enjoy the tournament.

Speaking from VSAT Latin America in Sao Paulo, Nierenberg told attendees that defining and delivering value-added services and transparent connectivity solutions are key to improved outcomes.

“The maritime sector has been getting stronger since 2009, so it is important that satellite companies look to grow revenues in this sector by providing vessel crew members with services that are better than what currently exist in the market. With the World Cup on the horizon, this is a fantastic chance for satellite companies to deliver new services, which allow these isolated vessels and offshore facilities to fully engage with and gain a better experience of the tournament,” says Nierenberg

“Crew members will not only want to watch the matches, but be able to contact friends and family at home to celebrate their teams’ wins or to discuss where it all went wrong. There is great potential here for increased revenues as traffic spikes, and this can be replicated for future World Cups and other major events, such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl. It is important to identify new opportunities as soon as possible to take full advantage of possible profits.”