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Hughes’ Breakroom TV solution for enterprises

Hughes Network Systems, LLC , has launched a video-driven solution for enterprises to improve employee performance, satisfaction, and expertise.
Hughes Breakroom TV

Hughes Network Systems, LLC , has launched a video-driven solution for enterprises to improve employee performance, satisfaction, and expertise.

Hughes Breakroom TV is an integrated video communications and employee information system delivered as a turnkey service by Hughes. Through a centrally managed network of flat-screen televisions in employee breakrooms and other areas, enterprises can reportedly deliver customised company content and “infotainment”, including live TV, keeping their employees more informed, loyal, and satisfied at work. As a result, Hughes Breakroom TV , according to a company spokesman, leads to improved employee morale and retention, and contributes directly to a company’s bottom line through higher sales and better customer experiences.

“A number of leading companies are looking to improve the customer experience by improving the employee experience,” said Mike Tippets, vice president, Hughes Solutions Group. “Hughes Breakroom TV is designed to make the breakroom more enjoyable by providing employees live TV along with important company information tailored to their needs. Its an effective and fun way for employees to consume and retain information—and the result is happier, smarter employees who improve the brand and customer experience.”

Hughes Breakroom TV reportedly lets companies tailor content and messages to each store’s needs. It is managed through a web browser where content can be easily ingested, scheduled and managed. Users can mix and match videos, still images, web pages, and multiple information feeds to create engaging viewer experiences for employees to enjoy. Content can include a store-by-store customised information ticker, live broadcast HDTV, new product information and videos, store news, company benefits information, among other benefits.

Hughes Breakroom TV includes all the hardware and installation necessary to distribute the content within each site including the media servers, players, TV receivers, and digital displays and all can be installed by Hughes.

As part of the managed service, Hughes provides several support options, including 24X7 telephone support for remote sites, and Tier 3 support to the customer’s own help desk staff. Hughes also provides onsite field maintenance services. Content will be distributed to all locations over a Hughes satellite broadband network.