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ILS Technology and InventureTrack join forces for tracking and security

Using the Sprint network, the DeviceWISE M2M Application Platform will support asset and container tracking
Fred Yentz, CEO of ILS Technology

ILS Technology has announced that InventureTrack Systems has chosen its deviceWISE M2M Application Platform to support its asset and container tracking solution.

Real-time visibility and management of returnable cargo containers moving through storage facilities, warehouses, airports, shipyards and roadways is becoming increasingly important to enable better control over supply chains and logistics in order to reduce loss and theft and enhance the security of goods in transit.

The InventureTrack Systems remote asset management, GPS tracking and monitoring system allows companies to better manage their remote assets including equipment, containers, freight and trailers. Communicating on the Sprint network, the InventureTrack system leverages the ILS Technology deviceWISE M2M Application Platform to extract data from InventureTrack M2M devices, and provide critical, time-sensitive information such as GPS-enhanced event alerts and usage information. As a result, InventureTrack customers are able to efficiently manage all their assets from a single web-based portal, better informing management decisions based on up-to-the-minute, event-driven alerts and information related to their assets. Together, the companies will enable customers to shed light on their inventory location, availability and security, resulting in increased profitability thanks to reduced theft, streamlined maintenance costs, better asset utilisation, and improved productivity.

ILS Technology worked in close collaboration with the Sprint M2M team to quickly implement a market-leading solution for the InventureTrack US product launch. Time to market was critical to the success of this fast-moving high-tech company, which is why InventureTrack chose ILS Technology and Sprint to deliver a production-quality system in just six weeks.

“We’re extremely pleased to have been chosen by InventureTrack Systems for this important market solution,” says Fred Yentz, CEO of ILS Technology. “It is rewarding to see the ecosystem at work. Sprint and ILS Technology were able to quickly take the InventureTrack vision to production reality in record time.”

“After our Sprint associates introduced us to ILS Technology at their M2M Workshop in Miami earlier this year, it was clear they had exactly the platform we needed to get our system rolling in the US,” says Joe Parisi, President of InventureTrack. “We’ve been thrilled with the ease-of-use and flexibility of the deviceWISE platform as well as the outstanding support we received from the teams at both ILS Technology and Sprint.”