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Inmarsat offers more flexible plans for BGAN Link

Company extends reach of geographic plans to 25 countries

Inmarsat has introduced new pricing packages for customers using its high-volume IP data service BGAN Link.The service gives organisations working in remote areas reliable access to standard office applications, such as email, internet and corporate VPN. The BGAN Link Unlimited monthly allowance plan is now available on either a three- or 12-month contract for customers in a range of geographic regions.

“We’re introducing BGAN Link Unlimited for countries covered within our geographic plan following consultations with end users and partners,” explains Ronald Spithout, President of Inmarsat Enterprise.

“It effectively replaces all 3, 5, 10 and 15GB packages that were previously available in those countries as BGAN Link Unlimited offers you considerably more data for the same, or lower, monthly charge.”

Inmarsat is also extending the reach of geographic plans to a further 25 countries across Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, a new 30MB package has been added to the range of BGAN Link 5, 10 and 15GB global plans available for the service.