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Intelsat GVF training surpasses 1,000 participants

Programme aims to reduce interference, increase efficiencyrnrn
Ron Busch, Chairman of the Space Data Association, Intelsat

Intelsat has announced that more than 1,000 industry professionals have undergone training in the Intelsat-sponsored Global VSAT Forum (GVF) training programme. Primary and subcontractor bandwidth customers, third-party installers, field service organisations and operators supporting customers are eligible for free or discounted Intelsat-sponsored GVF online training.

“By sponsoring training for our customers and connected organisations, we are helping them become more efficient while making an impact on reducing interference across the arc,” says Intelsat’s Ron Busch, Chairman of the Space Data Association. “We are proud to support our customers with this programme and continue to accept applications for training. We look forward to the day when every field technician and uplinker has sufficient training in interference prevention.”

The training is offered as one of several elements of the Intelsat Interference Mitigation Initiative (I3), an effort aimed at reducing radio frequency interference (RFI). Intelsat supports the GVF Product Quality Assurance Framework, which sets guidelines to improve manufacturers’ equipment used by its customers. As a founding member of the Space Data Association, Intelsat has a strong history of emphasising leadership on initiatives to mitigate signal interference and improve space situational awareness. Intelsat has partnered with several satellite operators and industry groups, as well as dozens of customers and equipment manufacturers, to make RFI mitigation a top priority.