IRG Annual Workshop in Singapore to offer free open session

Event to provide update on current, future radio frequency interference initiatives

The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) will be hosting a free open session this June as part of its annual workshop. Taking place at Raffles Hotel in Singapore from June 19 to 20, the event will run alongside CommunicAsia2014.

The free session, running from 1pm to 5pm (Singapore time) will be open to the entire industry. This will be followed by a cocktail reception, sponsored by SES and Intelsat.

The IRG Annual Workshop will provide an update on current and future radio frequency interference (RFI) initiatives, feature a range of case studies and presentations, as well as offer opportunities for attendees to share their experiences and current RFI problems. The workshop attendees will discuss practical methods to resolve RFI problems and plan future industry initiatives.

“Every year, we try to take our workshop to the region where we most need to focus our efforts,” says Martin Coleman, Executive Director of the Satellite Interference Reduction Group. “Asia is relatively untapped by interference mitigation initiatives, therefore, we feel it is important for us to take our message and support to the operators and users in that region.”

IRG will also be hosting another in its series of Carrier ID tours at this year’s CommunicAsia.