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IRG-EUI gets ITU approval for General Access Procedures

Newly formed committee to advise on technical requirements of updated access procedures to reduce risk of interference

The Satellite Interference Reduction Group’s (IRG) newly formed advisory committee, End Users Initiative (EUI), has received the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) approval of recommendations for General Access Procedures. The EUI, formerly called RFI-EUI, has worked with the ITU to advise on the technical requirements of updated access procedures to ensure reduced risk of issues, such as satellite interference.

The recommendation provides access procedures for fixed-satellite service (FSS), occasional use and transmissions to geostationary-satellite orbit space stations, in the 4/6 GHz and 11‑12/13/14 GHz FSS bands. An occasional use transmission is a telecommunication application in the FSS where the transmission lasts a limited period of time ranging from minutes to months.

“We are delighted at the news from the ITU,” says Dick Tauber, Co-Chair of the EUI. “We believe that these recommendations will have a significant impact on reducing satellite interference, by ensuring a certain number of requirements at the point of access.”