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Kratos’ cyber security event manager for satellite networks

CyberC4:Alert provides, according to RT Logic, network administrators with real-time situational awareness for cyber security situational awareness and mission assurance.

RT Logic, a subsidiary of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. has launched  a Security Information Event Manager (SIEM) designed specifically for satellite networks and operations. CyberC4:Alert provides network administrators and information security officers with real-time situational awareness and incident response for cyber security situational awareness and mission assurance.

The continued integration of IP-enabled equipment throughout satellite and ground control environments is introducing more attack points and vulnerabilities to mission operations and sensitive information. CyberC4:Alert constantly monitors, according to the manufacturer, for cyber security threats by gathering security event data from across the satellite network to provide situational awareness. A correlation engine with user-defined rules and policies prioritises events by their severity, alerting users of system threats, performance issues, and compliance violations through a flexible drill-down dashboard.

This all-in-one DIACAP (Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process) compliant application is designed for use on military, government and commercial Satcom environments. Currently more than 80% of military satellite communications engage commercial satellite infrastructure, making DIACAP compliance a critical necessity. CyberC4:Alert is composed of three software modules including Dashboard, Sensor, and Logger, which together collect, analyse, and report on security event data for immediate internal and external threat management, DIACAP compliance and forensics. Sensor acts as the “eye” of the network by detecting intrusions, anomalies, vulnerabilities, and unauthorized activity. Events are sent to the Dashboard screen display for user action and resolution, and to the Logger, where they are digitally signed and stored to ensure chain-of-custody.

“CyberC4:Alert is a force multiplier for network and security personnel who otherwise face the near impossible task of manually sifting through what may be thousands of log files generated per second to find out if something is threatening the network,” said Jerry Meleski, VP of RT Logic.

CyberC4-Alert reportedly automates DIACAP compliance reporting, where such event violations otherwise may not be discovered until long after they’ve occurred, if at all.