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New in-flight app to allow passengers to view real-time flight data on IPADs

Satcom Direct has released a new mobile application,FlightDeck 360, that reportedly allows customers to view flight data in real time on an iPad.

The FlightDeck 360 application reportedly allows customers to access messages in flight, pre-departure clearances, oceanic clearances, flight plans and support documents before powering up the aircraft. It also integrates with in-flight weather apps such as ForeFlight and enables operators to request technical support from Satcom Direct while in flight. The only thing needed to run the app is an internet connection.

“FlightDeck 360 allows aircraft of all sizes to view flight critical data in real time and experience the benefits of datalink communications while in-flight. And you only need an internet connection to use the app,” said Scott Hamilton, Vice President, Strategic Development at Satcom Direct. “It offers cost savings to customers, because you don’t have to upgrade your cockpit to an on-board flight management system. Using FlightDeck 360, you can install internet on your aircraft and gain cabin connectivity and datalink functionality for nearly the same investment. And if you already have a flight management system, FlightDeck 360 becomes a mobile extension that further enhances your existing system.”

FlightDeck 360 was developed by Satcom Direct to complement FlightDeck Freedom and is supported by Satcom Direct customer service. “In developing FlightDeck 360, we wanted to make sure the app would be beneficial to today’s evolving electronic cockpit, so we specifically developed it for release on the iPad, as that is the main tablet device currently being used in most flight decks,” said Hamilton.

FlightDeck 360 is currently only available for the iPad, with possible expansion to the iPhone and other tablet operating systems in the future. The app is reportedly compatible with all iPad models and is available for download through the App Store. Satcom Direct customers who subscribe to FlightDeck Freedom can receive FlightDeck 360 at no additional charge, the company claims, or the app can be purchased on its own for those who do not have a FlightDeck Freedom subscription.