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NovelSat’s ProtCASTER launch promises greater security for satellite transmission

NovelSat's new data protection solution for satellite-based IP data networks uses AES 256-bit encryption embedded in NovelSat modems.
NovelSat NS3000 professional high-data rate satellite modem.

Satellite transmission technology provider NovelSat has announced the launch of ProtCASTER for Data Links, a new data protection solution for satellite-based IP data networks that uses unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption, embedded in NovelSat modems. In the world of global satellite data transmission, where hacking and data theft are commonplace, demand for more secure transmission is high.

Based on the AES 256-bit encryption, ProtCASTER claims to deliver the highest level of data security available for satellite transmission. When working in conjunction with NovelSat NS4, the optional high-efficiency waveform, available only in NovelSat modems, the satellite link protection is intensified even more than when operating using other satellite transmission standards. This level of data encryption is essential for markets were hacking immunity is crucial such as banking, the oil and gas industry, homeland security and others.

In contrast with systems where encryption is added using an external device, the new data encryption solution is now embedded in all NovelSat NS3000 and NS3000 satellite modems. It uses a secured OTA channel for exchanging AES keys with remote devices and is integrated with NovelNet, a full-featured NMS (Network Management System) that offers end-to-end network orchestration.

Speaking about the launch, Ronen Sadan, NovelSat AVP Marketing said: “In addition to the most spectrally efficient satellite transmission solutions, we recognize our data networking customers’ need for enhanced security. That is why we integrated the satellite industry’s highest level of content security into all of our data networking satellite modems.”

NovelSat will be showcasing ProtCASTER, its new 256-bit data encryption solution for satellite IP data networks, at the Satellite 2018 show in Washington, DC, March 12-15, in booth 1833.