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O3b pens deal with MEOSAT for high speed connectivity for Iraqi Oilfields

MEOSAT will use the significant capacity provided by O3b to serve oil industry clients in Southern Iraq

1057-lgO3b Networks have announced a multi-year agreement to provide trunking services to service provider MEOSAT.

Dubai-based MEOSAT is a next generation internet service provider delivering high quality, reliable and efficient communications to the oil and gas industry. MEOSAT offers high performance coverage even to the sector’s most difficult and challenging locations with end-to-end network management, ensuring on time and on budget delivery of services. MEOSAT will use the significant capacity provided by O3b to serve oil industry clients in Southern Iraq.

The O3b satellite network is well suited to meet the unique connectivity requirements and challenges faced by the oil & gas industry. O3b can provide fiber-like throughput and latency to multiple remote energy installations, both on and off shore. For the first time companies in the energy sector are able to offer cloud services and support critical middleware solutions at remote sites, dramatically lowering operating costs, and increasing efficiency and improving crew morale.

The use of O3b satellites, which are closer to the earth than conventional geostationary satellites, greatly reduces latency, increases internet speed and improves voice and video quality for the user. O3b provides a true alternative to fiber in locations where fiber networks are unavailable.

Michael Iwanow, CEO of MEOSAT, said: “We pride ourselves on serving customers with best in class services. Oil rich Southern Iraq’s high demand for reliable, low latency service was the deciding factor when it came to selecting the O3b network. Fiber-like connectivity with a consistently high level of reliability is exactly what our customers need.”

Imran Malik, O3b VP Asia Pacific & The Middle East, said“Our agreement with MEOSAT is a great show of confidence in O3b from the energy sector. Our oil & gas customers have been searching for connectivity to their remote installations that matches terrestrial connectivity in speed and latency, and they demand proven, reliable technology. O3b has developed a great solution and is proud to be supporting MEOSAT in the dynamic Iraqi market.”