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Isotropic Systems and Avanti team up to develop self-installing terminals

A working prototype is expected in early 2019 while full-scale production is planned for mid 2020.

Satellite terminal provider, Isotropic Systems, partnered with satellite operator, Avanti Communications, to provide Ka-band satellite data communications services across the UK, Europe and MEA to develop self-installing, all electronic scanning terminals.

The partnership signals Avanti’s confidence that the transformational optical technology will open new addressable markets with disruptive pricing and enhance a range of mobility applications that service providers can flexibly deliver to consumer, government and enterprise users. Isotropic Systems will customise the terminals specifically to Avanti’s requirements with a special focus on seamless multi-beam tracking, market-leading instantaneous bandwidth as well as significantly lower pricing. The technology will also provide Avanti with the capability to deliver fixed broadband services that consume 90% less power with extremely high performance and reliability. A working prototype is expected in early 2019 while full-scale production is planned for mid 2020.

Speaking about the need for the technology, John Finney, founder and CEO of Isotropic Systems said: “Demand for broadband increases each day worldwide, and satellite operators such as Avanti, continue to build out their ecosystem to provide HTS services to underserved markets. Our technical capabilities and disruptive pricing enable Avanti to unlock the latent demand for HTS capacity by segments that require a significantly lower barrier to entry in terms of the CAPEX but without compromising on expected performance. Having gained the confidence of a long-standing satellite operator reinforces our vision of satisfying the demand for satellite data, mobility and broadband services by significantly minimising the cost compared to existing ground terminals and making them much simpler to deploy.”