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Orders for Advantech Wireless’ GaN BUCs fetch USD 1m

Satellite equipment specialist successfully completes delivery of GaN C- and X-band BUCsrn

Advantech Wireless has completed the delivery of several orders totalling USD 1 million for its 25W GaN C- and X-band BUCs.

The 25W GaN C- and X-band BUCs are constructed in a compact cooling enclosure designed for outdoor operation. The units are weatherproof and are suited for harsh environments such as man-pack terminal deployments. The BUCs are part of a series of hub-mounted, up-converter transmitters, using Advantech Wireless’ satellite GaN technology. These GaN BUCs are integrated units, completed with power supply, phase-locked oscillator, mixer, filter and cooling mechanism weighing less than 2.5kg.

“These BUCs deliver more power per square inch than anything else in the market. They are now part of WGS certified terminals, meeting the most stringent military specifications and also deployed on several large commercial programmes, where cost is the main drive. We are delivering military-grade equipment to commercial markets, at a fraction of the cost, for the entire satellite industry’s benefit,” says Cristi Damian, Vice-President of Business Development at Advantech Wireless.