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Pakistanis await quality DTH: report

Over 73% is unsatisfied with cable service while 93% would change current TV operator

GS Group, a multi-industry high-tech developer, has conducted complex research on the Pakistani pay-TV market. The results of the two-phase examination showed high demand for quality digital TV among both mass and elite sectors in Pakistan. It also unveiled the major problems influencing the quality of TV services.

According to the data, more than 73% of the Pakistani population is not satisfied with the quality of cable TV services, while 93% would change their current TV operator to receive improved services. At least 59% of the examination respondents showed strong interest not only in quality digital TV, but also in having HD channels.

IPTV subscribers provide services to 10% of the population. However, the majority of Pakistanis have an internet connection that causes trouble while watching TV. Cable TV is highly affected by whether conditions and the geography of the country.

The decision to switch the country to digital services has been postponed for the last 10 years, leaving the country’s TV services lagging behind the neighbouring countries.