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Satellite IRG to host annual conference in Dubai

The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) has announced that its annual conference will be held in Dubai from November 17 - 20, 2012.
Martin Coleman, Executive Director of the satellite Interference Reduction Group

The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) has announced that its annual conference will be held in Dubai from November 17 – 20,  2012.

The annual IRG conference will reportedly together experts from all areas of the industry, including broadcasters, satellite operators, and equipment manufacturers. It will provide, according to the organisers, a forum to discuss recent developments, as well as looking forward to the next steps.

At the conference, delegates will reflect on the results of the initiative to roll-out video Carrier Identification in time for the Olympics, as well as begin planning for the action needed with the DVB standard now in place and ahead of the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

In addition, SAT Corporation (a Kratos company) will be holding a Monics and satID Users Conference on the afternoon of Saturday November 17, 2012.

The conference will examine the issue of unidentified carriers, as well as look at innovations and techniques to combat satellite interference and, in particular, discuss the broadcaster’s perspective.

Martin Coleman, Executive Director, the Satellite Interference Reduction Group, commented: “The annual IRG conference gives us a chance to communicate our achievements to the industry, but more crucially it allows our members and other interested parties to give us feedback about the issues they are facing and where they need our efforts.”

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