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Saudi Arabia to launch satellite SGS-1 on 5 February

The satellite will be launched from a base in Kourou, an overseas commune in French Guiana, South America on 5 February.

The Saudi Press agency has announced the launch of the Saudi Communication Satellite KA (SGS-1) from a base in Kourou, an oversees commune in French Guiana, South America. The launch has been set for 5 February. Local reports have said technical preparations are underway at the King Abdel Aziz City for Science and Technology for the launch.

Lockheed Martin manufactured, tested and operated the satellite with the participation of Saudi engineers and scientists, who had been trained in order to be able to work and contribute to the satellite project. The launching of the satellite comes after efforts of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, as well as the kingdom’s Minister of Defense, who oversaw the stages of manufacture during visits to Lockheed Martin’s San Francisco headquarters in April 2018. During the visit, the crown prince signed the final piece to be placed on the Saudi satellite before its launch with the words “above the clouds.”