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Skyband, the Saudi Arabia-based service provider, expands with Hughes

HX remote terminals utilise FDMA/TDMA channels to communicate with the HX Gateway in star mode, or simultaneously to other terminals in mesh mode.

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES),  announced that its long-time customer, Skyband of Saudi Arabia, is expanding its broadband satellite services business with an order for over 2,000 additional HX satellite terminals.

Osman Oueida, general manager of Skyband, said, “Skyband continues to grow our enterprise and government business and we are pleased with the quality of Hughes products and support, which have been key to our expansion plans. We evaluated other vendor offerings and chose Hughes because of technology, quality, price, and the consistent level of support they have provided our company.”

In 2009, Skyband purchased a multi-satellite HX Gateway which is designed to unlock the maximum value from high-quality, IP broadband networking, including specialised applications such as mobility. It makes it easy for operators to expand broadband services across virtually all multi-satellite coverage situations, while maintaining the powerful network management, extensive diagnostics and scalability of the proven HX System.

“We are proud to continue to provide Skyband with quality products and services,” said Soheil Mehrabanzad, assistant vice president for Middle East/Africa region at Hughes. “Skyband has been a valued customer of Hughes for several years and we congratulate them on their successful expansion plans.”

Efficiency and flexibility in utilising satellite bandwidth is, according to the manufacturer,  at the core of the HX System design. Based on the industry-leading Internet Protocol over Satellite (IPoS) standard, approved by ETSI, ITU, and TIA, the HX System can be readily configured to provide a specified Quality of Service (QoS) for each link to a particular terminal, enabling operators to provide services tailored to a customer’s specific requirements.

An optimised bandwidth allocation scheme is employed which mitigates cost of space segment, whereby idle terminals release their bandwidth assignments to a shared pool. HX remote terminals utilise FDMA/TDMA channels to communicate with the HX Gateway in star mode, or simultaneously to other terminals in mesh mode, with each channel supporting high-speed data rates.

Skyband is one of the first VSAT (very small aperture terminal) service providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Skyband offers a wide range of communications solutions including managed network services, ATM and banking connectivity, GSM networks and backhaul, video conferencing, and broadband IP applications to a variety of enterprise and government sectors. The HX System is ideal for these and other specialty markets such as Virtual Network Operator (VNO) hosting and “Comms On-The-Move” (COTM) for airborne/maritime/land, including defense and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions