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Spectrum monitoring solution from Crystal Solutions

Crystal Solutions has launched Sentry, a spectrum monitoring solution, suited for television network broadcasting and satellite service providers, among other users.

Crystal Solutions has launched Sentry, a spectrum monitoring solution. Sentry is, according to the developer, an easy-to-use, affordable, spectrum monitoring software programme that is ideally suited for television network broadcasting, satellite service providers, network operation centers, data and internet, cell tower and microwave monitoring.

Sentry can reportedly work as a stand-alone solution or it can be integrated with Crystal Solutions’ Monitor and Control (M&C) system. When integrated with Crystal’s M&C system, Sentry can react to detected distribution anomalies and automatically route affected signals to advanced analysis devices for further investigation, or reconfigure earth station equipment to distribute content over an alternate path to fully restore services.

The Sentry product was named a finalist in the category of Teleport Technology of the Year for the World Teleport Association’s annual Teleport Awards for Excellence. Sentry was reportedly selected for its innovative ability to make more efficient use of the broadcast spectrum.