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Tavcom provides training for region’s largest homeland security project

Kuwait invests over USD 1.6b in security, comprising ‘most complex video surveillance project in the world’

The Kuwait Government is investing more than USD 1.6 billion on physical security to ensure the safety of people working or visiting key buildings and facilities throughout the country. The core of this completely integrated security system will be a vast network of video surveillance cameras, which will assist security personnel to monitor and rapidly react to any criminal or terrorist activity.

In preparation for the commencement of the project, Tavcom has been tasked to train over 36 hand-picked technicians/engineers on all matters relating to the installation and commissioning of video surveillance equipment. A comprehensive, customised training programme developed by Tavcom specifically for the project covers a diverse range of subjects including an understanding of the system design process, camera and lens selection, lighting options, compression, frame rate and resolution, telemetry, equipment housing, recording and storage and service/maintenance issues, as well as an understanding of IP network devices and processes such as VLANs, router protocols, IP addressing, subnets and port address translation.

“We are naturally very pleased to have been entrusted to conduct this very important training programme, which will provide the foundations for the success of what will be one of the most complex and sophisticated video surveillance projects in the world,” says Paul Tennent, Managing Director of Tavcom.

“We have built a fully equipped training centre in Kuwait City in order to ensure that everyone who participates in the training programme can take advantage of hands-on facilities that offer immediate opportunities to put theory into practice.”