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Thuraya debuts dedicated vehicular broadband terminal

Thuraya IP Voyager able to deliver streaming IP speed of 384kbps, user-definable asymmetric streaming rn

Thuraya Telecommunications has launched its first dedicated vehicular IP broadband terminal designed and manufactured by Hughes Network Systems. Reportedly cost-effective, the Thuraya IP Voyager is designed for end users in the government, oil and gas, media and relief sectors. It is capable of achieving streaming IP rates of up to 384kbps as well as user-definable asymmetric streaming.

“Reliable connectivity and mobility are essential for users who need to communicate with their field teams and to file reports while on the move. The Thuraya IP Voyager broadens our Land IP portfolio and is part of our strategy to give end users the power of choice when it comes to having high-quality, reliable connections at competitive prices, no matter where they are,” says Randy Roberts, Vice-President of Innovation at Thuraya.

Thuraya IP Voyager enables remote users to collaborate reliably and efficiently using video, data and VoIP services to achieve mission-critical tasks in areas that are not served by terrestrial communication networks. It is designed to connect at IP broadband speeds of up to 444kbps while on the move and includes a built-in WiFi access point as well as four power-over-ethernet (PoE) ports to connect multiple wired devices.

Asher Faredi, Product Manager of Land Data at Thuraya, adds: “Many parts of the world remain unconnected by terrestrial networks. In developing the Thuraya IP Voyager, we listened closely to our customers to understand their needs and we were able to design a robust comms-on-the-move terminal that it is easy to install and facilitates real productivity in the field. There is an opportunity in the land vehicular terminal market, which is now being addressed with the Thuraya IP Voyager.”