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Thuraya helps rescue men in Empty Quarter

Two Emiratis were stranded overnight after running out of petrolrn
Skeleton in Desert

Saudi desert rangers backed by helicopters rescued two Emirati men, who were stranded after their car ran out of petrol in the heart of the Saudi Rub Al Khali, also known as the Empty Quarter, the most barren desert on earth.

Saudi border guards at Al Bataha crossing point near the UAE border were able to locate the Emiratis’ approximate position based on their last phone call by using the Thuraya satellite company.

The two stranded men were found taking shelter in their 4×4 while a severe sandstorm swept through the region, reported Ajel, a Saudi newspapers.

“One of the two Emiratis said he had heard the sound of car engines approaching their car… he quickly jumped out and started to wave to them with his head gear… rescuers spotted them despite the massive desert storm,” said the daily.

It quoted a border guard spokesman as saying the two were found the morning after they went missing on the previous night, adding that they were in good condition. “One of them said they had expected to perish in the desert.”