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Yahsat receives “most innovative product in Africa” award

YahClick recognised for connectivity to unserved and underserviced areasrn
Shawkat Ahmed, CCO at Yahsat

Yahsat, a leading satellite service provider in the Middle East, has received the SatCom Star Award for the “most innovative product/service for Africa” for the second consecutive year. The award follows the growth and uptake of YahClick, which provides connectivity to residents in unserved and underserviced areas across 28 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Central and South West Asia.

Commenting on the award, Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, Deputy CEO of Yahsat, said: “It is a privilege to take home this award for the second consecutive year. The African market is extremely important to Yahsat and we are pleased that the industry recognises the important role we play and the contribution we are starting to make in Africa.

“According to the International Monetary Fund, growth in Africa is expected to continue over the next five years and between 2010 and 2015, nine out of the top-20 fastest growing economies in the world are expected to be in Africa. This represents a huge opportunity for satellite operators such as Yahsat and internet service providers who can help connect urban, rural and remote communities so they may join the 21st-century global economy.”

In Africa, YahClick is already operational in Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Sudan. With high speed services of up to 15Mbps and cost effective service plans at monthly subscription prices to suit a variety of audiences, YahClick’s current subscribers include a mix of energy, construction, agri-based verticals, SME, NGOs and individual users who are looking for high speed, reliable internet connections.

“African countries currently face major challenges including insufficient or congested telecommunications infrastructure, unconnected communities, unskilled workers and an education and healthcare system that needs serious improvements and assistance. At Yahsat, we believe that access to information is a powerful tool that can boost individual, business and societal development. YahClick is our solution to connectivity challenges to maximise the chances of success for the many individual, business and government projects that are springing up in Africa,” says Shawkat Ahmed, CCO at Yahsat.

YahClick also offers a backup connectivity solution, YahClick Insure, designed for any entity that cannot risk being without continuous internet access for financial, security or legal reasons if their primary link is disrupted.

For organisations that require connectivity on-the-go, YahClick offers a transportable solution, which is a service that is mounted on a vehicle that instantly provides high-speed Internet connectivity in changing locations for broadcasters, businesses, government entities, and even private users in remote areas.

“By providing communities with greater access to high-speed, reliable internet connectivity, governments have the chance to turbo-charge economic growth and development. Businesses, the public sector and all stakeholders involved need to help shape the way emerging countries move to the next level.” says Mahmood.

Yahsat works with a network of 30 service partners across 28 markets. Key partners in Africa include Vox Telecoms, CoolLink, Hyperia, Infinity, Netone, Sistec, Simbanet, RCS Communications and TruIT.