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Arianespace launches satellites for Avanti and SKY Perfect JSAT

HYLAS 4 will provide secure satcom services throughout Europe and cover regions in central and western Africa, while its steerable spotbeams will enable it to cover Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East and South America.
The launch.

Arianespace has launched HYLAS 4, the third satellite launched for Avanti Communications, following HYLAS 1 in 2010 and HYLAS 2 in 2012. The HYLAS 3 auxiliary payload, integrated in the EDRS-C satellite, will be launched as well by Ariane 5.

At the forefront of Ka-band satellite communications in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Avanti Communications’ HYLAS satellite fleet provides broadband Internet access via top service providers to homess, schools, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and governments.

Thanks to its Ka-band capacity, HYLAS 4 will provide secure and reliable satellite communications services to Internet Service Providers (ISP), Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s), governments and satellite operators throughout Europe. This High Throughput satellite will also cover regions in central and western Africa, while its steerable spotbeams will enable it to cover Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East and South America.

HYLAS 4 is the 28th Orbital ATK satellite to be launched by Arianespace. It is also the second launch of Orbital ATK’s new GEOStar-3 hybrid platform. There are two more orbital ATK satellites in Arianespace’s order book including GALAXY 30 and MEV-2 (Mission Extension Vehicle): a satellite designed to extend the life of customer satellites in geostationary orbit, by providing an external propulsion system to change their orbit or keep them on station.

These two satellites will be joined so they can be launched in a single upper position.

Arianespace also plays a very important role in Japan, having won 31 of the 42 launch contracts open to competition in the country. Arianespace holds nearly 75% of the Japanese geostationary satellite launch market open to competition.

The DSN-1/Superbird-8 is the 19th satellite launched by Arianespace for SKY Perfect JSAT. SKY Perfect JSAT is a major satellite operator in Asia and plays a major role in the satellite broadcasting and telecommunications markets. Arianespace has two more SKY Perfect JSAT satellites in its order book including Horizons 3e and JCSAT-17. Superbird-8 will provide telecom services, primarily for the Japanese market, and will replace Superbird-B2, launched by Arianespace in 2000. DSN-1 is an X-Band Defense Communications Satellite, in association with the Program to Upgrade and Operate X-Band Satellite Communications Function, for which the DSN Corporation, a subsidiary of SKY Perfect JSAT, has concluded a programme contract with Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

Shortly after the announcement of the orbital injection of the two satellites, Stéphane Israël, Chief Executive Officer of Arianespace, said: “Arianespace is very proud to serve our Japanese and British customers with this third launch of 2018. We are very honored by SKY Perfect JSAT’s ongoing trust in us, since we have launched 19 of their satellites since 1989; and by the trust of the Japanese Ministry of Defense. Congratulations go to Avanti Communications, which has entrusted us with the launch of all three of its satellites now in orbit. I would like to congratulate NEC Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, builders of DSN-1/Superbird-8, and Orbital ATK, which built HYLAS 4.”

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