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ABL Space announces L2 as customer for first RS1 launch

The two satellites developed by L2 will be used to test new technology rapidly and support training activities.

ABL Space Systems and L2 Aerospace have signed a service agreement for the launch of two spacecraft on ABL’s first demonstration flight of RS1 in Q2 2021.

In a statement, Dan Piemont, President and co-founder of ABL, said: “We’re excited to announce L2 as a customer for the first launch of RS1. L2 and ABL are like-minded companies focused on addressing the needs of the US national security space community. By demonstrating an end-to-end responsive launch service from day one, we hope to advance the space architecture to make it more nimble and capable for the US and our Allies.”

ABL is preparing for an initial flight of its RS1 launch vehicle, capable of lofting 1,350 kg to Low Earth Orbit, in the first half of 2021.

Jim Royston, CEO of L2, added: “L2 Solutions is proud to partner with ABL Space on their inaugural launch of the RS1. The RS1 launch system offers robust and resilient capabilities, which complements L2’s fully integrated and end-to-end mission assurance services. This is a significant milestone, as the RS1 will send two of L2 Solutions’ internally developed communications payloads into orbit, demonstrating unique communication and network architecture, test cybersecurity applications, and validate the first instantiation of L2’s commercial Orbital Test Range.”

The integration and deployment of these spacecraft will demonstrate new technology on orbit and on the ground. L2’s satellites will provide infrastructure to rapidly test new technology and support new concepts for training scenarios. On the ground, ABL’s GS0 mobile launch system, a fully containerized, deployable system will demonstrate the rapid capabilities and minimal infrastructure needed to launch RS1.