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Airbus Defence and Space launches Global Field-Service Alliance

Objective is to ensure fast, cost effective VSAT installation for maritime market with quality benchmark

Airbus Defence and Space has launched its new Global Field-Service Alliance (GFSA). The alliance is designed to ensure fast and cost-effective VSAT installation and service support for maritime VSAT satellite service providers.

The objective is to bring together expertise of maritime field installation and equipment to enable 24/7 installations and maintenance in major ports around the world, ensuring new levels of service response and quality for ship owners.

Upon launch of the GFSA, three service partners have been fully certified as members. Pro Nautas Marine Electronics in Germany, Livewire Connections in the United Kingdom and SRH Marine in Greece have met the requirements covering areas such as antenna installation, training and certification, logistics, warehouse and spare parts capabilities, guaranteed response times and local, regional and global operating areas.

GFSA offers Airbus Defence and Space’s global partner network more control when offering VSAT services to end users. GFSA-certified partners will provide the complete range of installation and technical service to ensure uninterrupted operation of Airbus Defence and Space’s VSAT services. This includes installation, demobilisation, repair, upgrade, replacement and maintenance of VSAT equipment.

The number of certified companies and engineers operating under the GFSA is set to expand in the coming months. GFSA VSAT service partners will include both independent field service partners and Airbus Defence and Space’s field service engineers.

“Alongside our new AuroraGlobal network, this initiative will help to improve customer support of current Ku-band and future Ka-band based services via our service provider partners, whilst strengthening end-user confidence and satisfaction in the satellite services they choose,” says Tore Morten Olsen, Head of Maritime Satellite Communications Activities at Airbus Defence and Space. “We are committed to expanding the GFSA in order to build a substantial resource that is capable of performing installations and maintenance to the highest standards anywhere in the world.”