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Atos supports OneWeb in satellite launch

The launch was part of OneWeb’s mega-constellation project which includes sending over 650 satellites to provide affordable high-speed internet access globally.

French technology company Atos has announced that it supported OneWeb and its mega-constellation program in the successful launch of 34 satellites which was conducted on February 6 from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Atos contributed to the launch by providing OneWeb Satellites with the testing equipment with technologies that have drastically reduced the environmental footprint of the process. Atos’ tech has also received an award from OneWeb Satellites for the Payload Test Systems (PTS) and Tele Command Ranging (TCR) solutions.

OneWeb mega-constellation project, led by OneWeb Satellites and supported by Atos, involves sending into orbit, over a period of time, more than 650 satellites which will provide affordable high-speed internet access across the globe. The first six satellites were launched in February 2019.

Commenting on the announcement, Bruno Milard, VP, Head of Business Unit Aerospace & Defense Electronics at Atos, said: “We are proud to support such an ambitious program with our testing solutions; we ensure all OneWeb Satellites are rigorously tested in the most efficient and effective way. Together with OneWeb Satellites, we make the mass-production of satellites real. Atos is delighted to help define the leading edge of satellite manufacturing technology.”

Atos was named “Best Ground Support Equipment (GSE) supplier” by OneWeb Satellites in recognition of its technical and commercial capabilities. The award was presented at the OneWeb Satellites Global Partnership Summit 2020.