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Australian Defense Force extends Inmarsat partnership

The new virtual satellite operations centre will enable the Australian Defense Force (ADF) to control satellite use and monitoring directly.

The Australian Defense Force has extended a contract to use Inmarsat’s satellites to 2027, expanding the agreement to cover managed services. These services enable a wide range of command, control, and situational awareness communications for the Australian Defence Force, the wider Department of Defence, and its Australian Government partners worldwide.

The contract extension, worth 221m Australian dollars ($291m), comes a month after the UK and Australia agreed to increase knowledge exchange and investment across their space sectors.

Speaking at the event, Brigadier Novak, Commander Defence Strategic Communications Branch, said: “Inmarsat has supported ADF satellite communications requirements at home and overseas for over 30 years. This partnership has increased our capability to support wide-ranging ADF operations and provide greatly improved quality of life services for our deployed people.”

The overall commitment of the contract for satellite services is now AUS$331m over the 10-year term, including options for three extensions of two years each, helping to bridge the forthcoming transformation in the way the Australian Defence Force acquires and uses satellite technologies.

Todd McDonell, President Inmarsat Global Government added: “Inmarsat has supported the ADF for more than 30 years, both at the operational level and, more recently, where our Global Xpress service has delivered the increased capability to meet the Australian Defence Force commitment to quality of life services.

“The Australian Defence Force is known the world over for its capability, reliability and ability to get the job done regardless of the challenges encountered. Inmarsat has always been and continues to be committed to the same high-quality standards to which the ADF holds itself. Inmarsat’s services supporting the ADF across the Army, the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force can be relied on at any latitude, longitude and altitude.”

Initially signed in 2017, the partnership between the ADF and Inmarsat has now evolved to encompass a full Inmarsat Managed Service supporting the ADF’s capability requirements.