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Azercosmos signs agreement with Prime African Media Systems to broadcast ATN TV

Azercosmos is a satellite operator in the South Caucasus which operates Azerspace-1 satellite.

Azercosmos has signed a cooperation agreement with Canada’s Prime African Media Systems company. According to the agreement, Prime African Media Systems will broadcast ATN TV in the West African region using the capacity of Azerspace-2 satellite.

Prime African Media Systems operates in the field of telecommunications, providing satellite solutions and teleport services.

“Thanks to the infrastructure capabilities of Prime African Media Systems, we will provide innovative satellite solutions to difficult geographical locations in the African region,” said Mark Guthrie, Chief Commercial Officer at Azercosmos.

“This is a great opportunity for us to project and present the African stories from the African perspective. The options are limitless for us to educate, elevate and empower African generations through this satellite solution from Azercosmos,” said Victory Khan, Technical Director at Prime African Media Systems.