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BeepTool Communications set to roll out services in Nigeria

The company aims to deliver digital inclusion services to millions of people in remote and rural communities in Africa.

BeepTool Communications, a Nigeria-based satellite-as-a-service and integrated digital ecosystem provider, is set to officially roll out its services across states in the country during Q2.

The Lagos-based company is also developing a range of services and products across mobile connectivity, telehealth, edtech, agrotech, fintech, messaging and voice.

Starting with rural communities in Nigeria, BeepTool carried out a market study of 200 communities across the country’s six geopolitical zones to understand how digital services can be deployed.

As a result, BeepTool is on track to roll out its digital services and technology solutions to about 200 rural communities in Nigeria.

According to its website, BeepTool is in partnership with more than seven geostationary and Low Earth orbit satellites operators. They have also manufactured affordable android smartphones called Oyi-1, Android Tablets called ABOLE pre-installed with digital inclusion ecosystem low data rate apps.

Building on its integrated mobile platforms and satellite-based connectivity systems, BeepTool aims to create a digital connectivity ecosystem in Nigeria.