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Blue Sky Network enables monitoring for vehicle fleets with HawkEye 5500 

The HawkEye 5500, reportedly the first of its kind, is a dual-mode vehicle tracking system that fully integrates with on-board vehicle systems.

Iridium Communications has announced that its partner Blue Sky Network has introduced the HawkEye 5500 (HE5500) vehicle management solution featuring full integration of on-board vehicle systems.  

The device utilises 2G/3G/LTE and the Iridium satellite network in order to provide truly global coverage, with high-resolution tracking and communications. As the first vehicle tracking system to offer such a comprehensive set of features, the HE5500 supports both light and heavy-duty vehicles, two-way messaging, a remote emergency switch, audible alerts, and customisable application integration. 

These capabilities facilitate mission-critical operations for vehicle fleets of all sizes including those supporting mining operations, defence, security, public safety, search and rescue, and executive transport in remote environments. 

The HE5500 can generate automatic monitoring and alerting on driver safety, proactive monitoring of vehicle health, and analytics about usage, performance, and behaviour. This allows vehicle fleets to gain insights while improving safety, reducing operating costs, and streamlining compliance.

“The all-encompassing HawkEye 5500 enables vehicle fleets of all sizes the capability to safely and efficiently manage mission-critical operations whether on or off-road,” says Iridium Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bryan Hartin. “Blue Sky Network continues to be an industry leader in providing advanced technology for mission-critical fleet management.”