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Boeing upgrades DataMaster to include live video-tagging

Improved geospatial data management software enables faster cataloguing, data retrieval

Boeing has upgraded its DataMaster geospatial data management software with real-time text-tagging of live streaming video. The upgrade will, reportedly, improve situational awareness for defence and intelligence community customers.

According to Boeing, this new capability, along with other updates in the latest version of DataMaster, will result in faster cataloguing and retrieval of data, and more robust and precise analytics of imagery, video, maps and terrain.

“The technology enhancements found in DataMaster 5.3 are designed to create clearer links within geospatial data for swift, precise and perceptive intelligence,” says Sparky Olsen, Acting Director of Boeing Intelligence Systems Group. “DataMaster provides increased data visualisation for unique insights, enabling analysts to make better decisions.”

DataMaster 5.3 software upgrades include real-time text-tagging of live-stream video footage for better file management, cataloging and sourcing; support for 32-bit Geo-referenced Tagged Image File Format (GeoTIFF) and National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) data improving precision and ability to handle more data types; streaming of and image format conversion to JPEG2000 images as well as JPIP (JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol) streaming for improved image review; and expanded metadata support for GeoTIFF  and NITF imagery.

DataMaster is a comprehensive suite of commercial-off-the-shelf products and capabilities that provide a single repository for imagery, maps, elevation data and video.