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Briskcom partners with SES Networks to offer VNO services

As an SES Networks partner, Briskcom will expand its service offering by customising and flexibly managing connectivity for customers in energy, mining, agro- and ISP markets.

SES has announced a partnership with certified service provider Briskcom to deliver SES Networks’ Signature Solutions in Brazil.

Through this partnership, Briskcom will leverage connectivity delivered by the SES-10 satellite as well as extend SES Networks’ managed services to customers in its core energy markets, as well as expand its service offerings to other segments, such as the agroindustry, mining and broadband for ISPs.

As an SES Networks partner, Briskcom will access a managed pool of capacity and a tailored network management interface, which enables them to become a virtual network operator (VNO) without significant upfront investment. The VNO pools offer dedicated bandwidth, flexibility in service design and teleport operations to ensure high reliability and outstanding quality of service.

The agreement will enable Briskcom to deliver reliable corporate network solutions ranging from Internet of Things (IoT), telemetry, voice over IP (VOIP) and internet access. In addition, Briskcom, a leader in mission-critical operations, can now deliver more advanced applications for projects of greater size and complexity.

Commenting on the agreement, Cláudio Calonge, Commercial Director at Briskcom, said: “The agreement with SES Networks makes perfect sense from our business expansion perspective. More than ever, we want partners that help strengthen our position and enhance our value proposition.”

“Working with a company that has the experience and know-how of SES Networks corroborates the good work that Briskcom has been doing in Brazil. We see great opportunities to be explored and we are very optimistic about this new alliance.”

Speaking on the partnership, Omar Trujillo, Vice President of Sales for Fixed Data Americas at SES Networks, said: “Briskcom is investing in cutting-edge technology to deliver highly reliable communication solutions to its clients, including those sophisticated on-shore energy sites far beyond the reaches of terrestrial infrastructure.”

“We are extremely proud to have Briskcom as our SES Networks partner.”