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Clarus Networks to distribute OneWeb services in Europe

The deal will expand Clarus Network’s existing connectivity capabilities in the region and enable a fibre-like experience for end-users, even in remote areas.

OneWeb has appointed an Edinburgh-based company, Clarus Networks, as a distribution partner to roll out its low Earth orbit (LEO) services in the UK and northern Europe.

Clarus Networks offers specialist connectivity solutions to the construction, civil engineering, energy, utilities, and healthcare sectors.

Starting services in 2022, OneWeb’s partnership with Clarus will focus on bringing Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity to a variety of industries such as construction, utilities, and energy. The companies said this will bring a range of benefits including improving productivity, health and safety, asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and crew scheduling.

Commenting on the deal, Clarus Managing Director, Derek Phillips, who owns the company with his wife Debra Phillips, said: “LEO, integrated with mobile technologies such as private 5G networks which we already deploy, will revolutionise how industries such as construction, energy, and utilities can leverage data to transform all aspects of operations by improving health and safety, reducing production costs, and lowering carbon emissions.”

Eric Gillenwater, OneWeb VP and Business Head for global carrier and enterprise, added: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Clarus. OneWeb’s aim is to help our partners meet their customers’ needs and by integrating our network’s high-speed, low latency capabilities into their offering, we hope we can have a meaningful impact connecting multiple industries and audiences together.”

OneWeb last week confirmed its thirteenth successful launch in a row. It now has 428 of its planned 648 satellites in orbit, though one of the 428 is believed to have suffered a software problem.

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