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Cobham Satcom to launch new maritime, land mobile products

Two maritime Global Xpress terminals to be out this summer, followed by three new editions to Explorer range

Cobham Satcom, an Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) partner, has announced two new maritime terminals and three new land mobile terminals for Inmarsat’s new satellite network.

The new Sailor 100 GX, with a 103cm reflector dish, is aimed at Cobham and Inmarsat’s core global shipping customers. The compact Sailor 60 GX, with a 65cm reflector dish, enables GX’s high bandwidth connectivity on a range of smaller vessels. The first GX terminals will be available in the summer.

For land-mobile users, Cobham is introducing the Explorer 3075GX terminal, which features a manual point positioner, the Explorer 5075GX, which is an auto-deploy fly-away VSAT solution, and the Explorer 7100GX, which is an antenna for drive-away solutions based on the established Explorer 7100 VSAT terminal.

“Developed under the Sailor brand, our new maritime GX terminals continue the ‘all-in-one, ready-to-go’ approach we introduced with the Sailor 900 VSAT antenna, which is delivered with all components installed, configured and tested,” says Jens Ewerling, Global Business Manager of Maritime VSAT at Cobham Satcom. “The strategy was designed to simplify the often complex maritime VSAT procurement process so it was a natural step to employ it for the launch of GX to ensure simplicity and high reliability for service providers and ship owners.”