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DEV Systemtechnik brings Alpha to the IBC pack

This new cost-efficient RFoF solution for teleport applications serves operators of cable networks and satellite ground stations.
Manfred Mettendorff, MD of DEV Systemtechnik GmbH.

DEV Systemtechnik is expanding its RF-over-Fiber (RFoF) product portfolio with a new, extremely cost-efficient system. With its high packing density, the new Alpha product line serves operators of cable networks and satellite ground stations.

“RF signals transmitted over conventional coax suffer signal quality loss, especially over increasing dis-tance. Thanks to RFoF technology, this can be almost completely avoided. Here, electrical signals are converted into the optical domain for fiber transmission. At the destination, optical signals are then converted back into electrical form,” explained Manfred Mettendorff, Managing Director of DEV Sys-temtechnik GmbH.

As part of the current RFoF product line Optribution, DEV Alpha serves clients seeking very cost-effective fiber optic connections within tight rack spacing. DEV consolidates an unprecedented 32 connections into one rack unit (RU). Owing to its splitters and switching modules, Alpha is also suitable for redundancy applications.

The Alpha indoor housing comes in a 19″, 1 RU form factor and can be controlled via SNMP or the DEV Web Interface. Two redundant power supplies are interchangeable during operation. The weatherproof outdoor housing can be mounted flexibly on the antenna mast as part of its compact design to transmit antenna signals directly through optical fiber with no need for a separate outdoor equipment rack.

DEV Systemtechnik, part of the AXING Group, develops and manufactures a complete range of products and systems for optical and electrical transmission of Radio Frequency (RF) signals via coaxial cable or fiber. For over 20 years DEV has designed, engineered, and manufactured RF transmission equipment for satellite, broadcast, and cable applications. All products are built to meet the highest standards of system availability, reliability and manageability.

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