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Du and Intelsat to expand cellular connectivity across UAE

This collaboration demonstrates du's commitment to delivering customer experiences and driving the digital transformation of the UAE.
Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer, du. Image Courtesy: Du

Du, a part of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has joined forces with Intelsat to amplify cellular connectivity throughout the UAE. This strategic collaboration signifies a significant advancement in extending cellular services nationwide, reaching even the previously unreachable areas.

Commenting on the deal, Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer at du, said: “The pivotal role of digital connectivity in shaping the socio-economic landscape of the UAE is irrefutable. As a leading national telecom operator, we relentlessly pursue exceptional customer experiences, delivering tangible value to our stakeholders by leveraging the latest telecom technologies and fostering a culture deeply imbued with innovation throughout our operational framework. The introduction of advanced networking infrastructure and services will act as a catalyst, propelling our community into the digital transformation era.”

“Du’s cellular backhaul solution stands at the forefront of innovation, significantly enhancing the capabilities of mobile coverage in remote areas. Through our partnership with Intelsat, we can leverage the full capacity of the IS-39 satellite, providing coverage to even the most remote areas of the nation. With this advanced technology, end users can enjoy a superior, uninterrupted connection experience, regardless of their location. This unparalleled level of quality and reliability sets a new industry standard for cellular networks,” added AlBlooshi.

Rhys Morgan, Vice President and General Manager of Intelsat, stated: “The UAE continues to bolster its telecom and infrastructure capabilities. As a global leader in satellite connectivity, Intelsat is well-positioned to support the UAE’s connectivity plans, supporting du in the provision of reliable connectivity. We look forward to working with du to expand its reach into these important areas, providing reliable access to an increasing number of end customers.”

This collaboration underscores du’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving the digital transformation of the UAE. The advanced networking infrastructure introduced through this partnership ensures end users benefit from a superior connection experience, setting a new industry standard for cellular networks and paving the way for enhanced connectivity nationwide.