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du to deploy cloud infrastructure

UAE operator to benefit from having its own computing infrastructure
Hatem Bamatraf, Executive Vice-President of enterprise at du

Telecommunications company du is in the final stages of selecting a vendor to deploy its own cloud infrastructure.The operator already offers various cloud-based services for its enterprise customers using its partners’ infrastructure, however, it sees significant benefits in owning its own cloud infrastructure, says Hatem Bamatraf, Executive Vice-President of enterprise at du.

Bamatraf explained that du is in “the final stage of evaluation” for selecting a vendor and supplier to build the cloud computing infrastructure. “It is the classical approach of going to implement a cloud infrastructure; you have to go to [request for proposal] and then you have to evaluate.”

Du expects to have a plan hatched in the Q4 of this year. “By the end of the year, we will decide on the vendor, the project plan and how long it will take us to build,” says Bamatraf.

He added that in terms of the customer experience, du’s provision of cloud services will not change as a result of having its own infrastructure and the service will still be managed in the same way, with a partner. “We thought that it is appropriate for us to have our own cloud infrastructure and offer it as a service to enterprise. From a service perspective, we are already there. It is just that when we build our own infrastructure, we are not going to change our SLAs and KPIs. The user won’t see a difference. Our own business and margins will be different.”