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E& and E-Space to drive global innovation in IoT

The organisations will develop new business models to elevate the IoT and digital transformation agendas of governments and large-scale enterprises.

E& and E-Space have announced plans to develop advanced global IoT, Smart-IoT and digital transformation solutions.

The cooperation will focus on the creative development of cloud-native digital and IoT solutions optimised with edge-based Artificial Intelligence (edge AI). By leveraging e&’s terrestrial infrastructure and E-Space’s advanced space system, including its global LEO constellation and device capabilities, the two organisations will create new business models to elevate IoT and digital transformation agendas of governments and large-scale enterprises worldwide.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mikhail Gerchuk, Chief Executive Officer of e& international, said: “Telecommunications and space technology have a natural synergy, offering enormous opportunities for telco companies to expand their reach and capabilities. From satellite internet to space-based sensors, at e& we see the potential to revolutionise the way we connect, communicate and gather data from space.

“With our advanced infrastructure and E-Space’s next-generation space system, optimised with edge AI, we will offer a multi-technology platform enabling our customers to embrace a digital-first lifestyle more efficiently.  We are confident that we can leverage our combined expertise to create seamless global digital IoT experiences to help our customers advance their digital transformation plans.”

The collaboration seeks to maximise the end-user value derived from borderless smart connectivity and digital solutions across land, sea and sky applications.

The relationship is expected to facilitate e& customer data to connect directly to private data centres without interference from commercial traffic by using peer-to-peer space-based communications to address security and data protection policies and regulations worldwide. Both parties will jointly develop IoT and digital solutions based on AI at the edge as well as everywhere in-between to enable system-wide intelligent decisions and take automated actions to levels beyond traditional IoT.

Gregory Wyler, Chief Executive Officer, E-Space, added: “There are tremendous opportunities in the terrestrial domain that can be amplified with the use of newer generation space systems coupled with edge AI. We’re bringing real-time information with advanced automation to create entirely new suites of global capabilities to advance humanity, improve the planet and automate business processes for greater operational scale and efficiency with reduced costs. We are excited to work with e& to advance their digital transformation journey and augment the customer experience. Together, we can speed the time required to build a smarter, more connected planet, anywhere and anytime.”

The collaboration also involves the joint development of global IoT use cases, which will have the potential to create new revenue streams, especially in global tracking and agriculture, using an optimised satellite ecosystem. The portfolio for IoT and digital products can further expand to enable products across land, sea and air environments, anywhere and at any time, with speeds ranging from kilobits per second (Kbps) to megabits per second (Mbps).

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